How Be a DPSVP like Tishina Pettiford

If you want to be a double platinum senior vice president in 5linx like Tishina Pettiford listen up.  Reaching that pinnacle with 5linx is the ultimate goal to live a life of freedom.  Tishina Pettiford really lives the dream with her Bentley, amazing son and husband by her side.  But there is a way you can reach the level she has without doing the PBR’s, without annoying friends and family, and without cold calling or buying leads.  I’m going to show you how to dominate in your compensation plan and get you to the top of this business fast.

How to Be A Superstar in 5linx Like Tishina Pettiford

To reach the top of the 5linx compensation plan like Tishina Pettiford you need two things and you want them to come in abundance.  The first things is leads for your business the next thing is cash flow for your business.  When I say leads in abundance I mean you need at least 20 or more leads coming to you daily.  That way it won’t matter if someone doesn’t want to join your business because you got a new 20 leads coming the next day.  The next part is to turn those leads into cash whether or not people decide to join you in your 5linx business.  If you can have these two things come in then your setting yourself up to go double platinum pretty fast and be at the top like Tishina Pettiford.

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So how in the heck do you get these 20 leads coming in per day.  Well first off you don’t do it the old school way where you write down all the names of the people you know and go annoy the hair off their head.  That type of prospecting sucks because your going to deal with a bunch of people who don’t understand this industry.  So instead of trying to turn coal into diamonds why don’t we just attract all the diamonds to come to us instead.  That does sound better then dealing with rejection all day.  But you can still do it the old school way, it does work and Tishina Pettiford is living proof, but I want to show you a smart way to build your biz.

How to Generate 20+ Leads Per Day and Be Supreme Like Tishina Pettiford From 5Linx.

tishina pettifordThe reason why Tishina Pettiford is making a lot of money is because now she has leverage on her side.  If 100 people in her downline all talk to just new person today then her business actually just talked to 100 new leads.  That’s cool if you have a team, but if you don’t you want to actually put leverage to work for you right now.  For example, the world of network marketing is now being taken over by the new form of network marketing which is building your business using the internet.

The reason for building your business online is simple.  People everyday are searching for new ways to make money from home daily.  Now not just a small number, I’m talking millions of people at a time.  Smart marketers are having their marketing materials show up each time someone has searched for a business opportunity, a leader to train them, and even for the 5 linx business itself.  Imagine having your own website that never sleeps on you generate you 100 leads per day and even makes you money while you sleep.  This is happening right now and it’s the new way for you to dominate 5linx just like Tishina Pettiford.

Why You Need to Start Online Marketing To Top The Charts Like Tishina Pettiford

Almost all research is done online now.  After people attend your PBR’s they are going straight to Google to research the company.  As soon as they type in 5linx and read a review, they can easily be persuaded to follow that person who wrote that review and you may have just lost a prospect.  This happens all the time with new smart marketers legally stealing prospects because they know how to market online.  If you don’t know how to generate your own leads online then your prospects are going to find someone who does know how.  Learn how to leverage the internet and you can be on top like Tishina Pettiford.


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    Check with the BBB (Better Business Bureau) and the
    FTC (Federal Trade Commission) to find out if there’s proof of a 5Linx scam.
    Exactly where most 5linx reps will struggle is following they’ve gone via their warm marketplace list, exactly
    where will they acquire new representatives to construct their business.
    Traditional 5linx marketing tactics are practically useless for 99% of people in this industry.

  • useless for a certain age population. Younger generation we know people don’t exactly talk on the phone anymore and want to leverage things that they do use like texting, internet, email etc. Its all a matter of who is your target market and working on your own skill level. We have it all here:

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